Charity Art Sales

By Arttic Collections Pte Ltd

In celebration of
Singapore Hospice Council
25th Anniversary (1995 – 2020)


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Singapore Hospice Council (SHC), this charity art sales aims to raise funds for the SHC.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, this charity art sales is made online to reach out to all art lovers and donors.

There are more than 50 pieces of art works by local and overseas artists for sales, in various medium ranging from Chinese ink painting and calligraphy to abstract and realism oil & acrylic paintings.



Up to 80% of all sales proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Hospice Council.

There are 5 price categories for the sales of the art works. Prices listed include 7% GST, framing and delivery to purchaser at Singapore addresses only.

$800, $888*, $1,800, $2,800 & $5,000.

All sales transactions and issuance of tax exemption receipts will be strictly through the Singapore Hospice Council. Tax exempt receipts issued to purchasers will be up to 80% of sales less 7% GST.

All art works sold are non-refundable.

Delivery Schedule:
Sales before 15 Oct 2020: Delivery by 30 Oct 2020
Sales from 16 Oct 2020 to 30 Nov 2020: Delivery by 15 Dec 2020
Sales from 1 Dec 2020 to 31 Dec 2020: Delivery by 15 Jan 2021

*For $888 only:
Sales on or before 15 Dec 2020: Delivery by 31 Dec 2020
Sales from 16 Dec 2020 to 15 Jan 2021: Delivery by 31 Jan 2021
Sales from 16 Jan to 28 Feb 2021: Delivery by 15 Mar 2021

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