Arttic Collections is founded by a group of artists who believe in promoting the Arts, through sharing inspirational artworks to a wide range of audience. These artworks are the creations of locally based artists, ranging from traditional to contemporary mediums and styles (such as ink & rice paper to oil on canvas, modern paintings to Chinese calligraphy).

Our wide collection of inspirational artworks under Arttic Collections will provide a unique character and refined luxury for the curation of your space and event. Through these artworks, we seek to elevate the ethos of your brand and enhance the experience of your customers.

Arttic Collections offer sales of artworks, art leasing and short-term rentals for individuals, residences, businesses and events, catering for different occasions, environments, seasons and festivals. We also provide bespoke artworks for your specific purposes. With a wide collection of inspirational artworks, we at Arttic Collections, strive to be your reliable and affordable art rental platform for your every occasion and need.

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