Dynaudio Music 3 Audio System (Red)

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Music 3 is an intelligent wireless system that is able to automatically adapt to your surroundings and music preferences. This system’s 1in soft-dome tweeters and a 5in woofer will ensure that you enjoy music in its best quality. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, this system is ideal for listening to music on the go and all day long. Simply download the Dynaudio app to begin your customisation.


22cm x 40.5cm x 17.4cm



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AV One is designed to spread the passion of sound-making and the enjoyment derived from consuming high-quality media on high fidelity systems. The company is spearheaded by a family of 3 brothers who since young, had an affinity with music and visual related elements. Passionate endeavours are often contagious, and this story is no exception. By sharing their passion around with friends and family, AV One was eventually conceived. This humble family business has since grown from strength to strength, innovating appropriately when trends and technologies evolve. Since then, AV One is now a THX-Certified on staff company, houses the most advanced and renowned audio and visual brand under its exclusive distribution in Singapore. Also in its portfolio are more than 7,000 bespoke residential and commercial projects commissioned under its auspices.

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