ELO Drinking Water 1.5L 5-pack Upfront 1-Year Subscription Plan

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Each upfront subscription plan:
Consists of 12 free monthly deliveries
Complimentary 6 bottles of ELO Drinking Water 450ml (worth $24) per delivery
One time complimentary $500 ELO product vouchers

Optimally oxygenated cells are naturally able to nourish and defend our bodies from illnesses. The revolutionary technology behind ELO Drinking Water allows an optimal level of oxygen in water to exist in a unique, stable and bound form – oxygen content is thus not easily lost to the atmosphere but is absorbed by the body, restoring its natural balance and enhancing overall well-being.

Oxygen-rich ELO Drinking Water is made using natural minerals and is preservative-free and additive-free.





About Partner

The story of ELO began when scientists, intrigued by the longevity villages in remote corners of the world, collected samples from the natural water sources in these villages for research. The study confirmed their hypothesis that water in its most natural form was ‘alive’ while the water piped into urban households had somehow lost its original state. This led to years of research into water science, and the development of the proprietary technology that injects life back into water – as nature intended. ELO or ‘living water’ was born.

ELO embodies our simple belief that water, in its most natural state, is alive and has health-enhancing benefits. Available through Elomart, the ELO range comprises four main product lines: ELO Water, ELO Skincare, ELO Living and ELO Essence.

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